Stopping Elder Abuse in Riverside and Every Other County Starts with Family

Stopping elder abuse in Riverside and every other county starts with family, because in most cases the senior citizen is not going to be able to make it stop. The victim of elder abuse in a nursing home setting has no one to tell, except their family, who will leave and then they will be at the mercy of their abuser. This is why it is up to families to be observant when visiting a loved one that resides in a nursing home or long term care facility. It is up to the nursing home to ensure that the senior citizen has a safe environment to live, which includes their employees actions.

The elder abuse victim will have certain signs that the family should look for when visiting and the family should choose different times to visit, which are unannounced, they should ask questions, even if the slightest thing seems amiss. The signs to look for include:
• A change in behavior, in most cases elderly abuse victims will be extremely quiet, which might seem out of character.
• Bruising, any type of marks, broken bones or any other type of repeated injuries.
• Senior citizens that have an appearance that does not look like their personal care needs are being met; dirty clothing, dirty or unkempt hair.
• Elderly loved ones that shy away from being touched.

These can all be signs that are not akin with the aging process, but that have to do with being abused. Elder abuse occurs more often than families realize when their loved one becomes a resident of a nursing home and it is up to the family to be vigilant in watching for the signs of elder abuse or neglect, their loved ones life can depend on it. The family that does believe their loved one might be a victim of elder abuse should seek the representation of an elder abuse attorney to protect the senior citizens rights. The nursing home can be legally held accountable and the elder abuse attorney can send them a clear message that this is unacceptable in the treatment of the elderly victim. The elder abuse attorney fights for the victims’ rights to compensation and will be able to stop the elder abuse of not just a family’s loved one, but also the elder abuse victim that does not have family members.

Author: nursingethicsnetwork