Elderly Abuse and Neglect

The estimate by a Senate Special Committee on aging is that every year there are as many as five million abuse victims that are elderly Americans. The number is even higher, since many incidences of elder abuse goes unreported and with baby boomers joining the ranks of senior citizen the number of elderly abuse and neglect statistics is expected to increase.

There are specifics that the National Center on Elder Abuse is defined:

  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Exploitation

The signs of abuse and neglect are not always obvious and then there are some types of abuse that is more obvious, the most common form of elder abuse in nursing homes is neglect. The signs of physical trauma of the elderly nursing home patient should be monitored, questioned, reported and investigated. The less evident signs of abuse will require close attention to changes in mood or can even manifest as a debilitating form of depression, which can occur due to verbal abuse, rather than physical elder abuse that results in bruises, and the need for a wrongful death attorney.

Elderly nursing home patients have gone there to be cared for when they can no longer care for themselves and this also makes them vulnerable. The elderly patient is frail and even the slightest change should not be ignored in their physical appearance or mental state and should be questioned.

Unfortunately the elderly nursing home patient is at risk to be a victim of nursing home abuse, by the people that have been entrusted to care for them. This puts family, friends and other visitors in the role of protector for the elderly person that can be the victim of elder abuse or neglect by the people that should be providing care. When there is any suspicion of nursing home abuse or neglect questions should be asked, information requested, discussions of the suspected nursing home abuse and contact an experienced elder nursing home abuse attorney.

The nursing home abuse attorneys have the experience necessary to hold nursing homes accountable for the abuse that has taken place at the hands of their nursing staff. Contact one for a free consultation when a elderly nursing home patient has become a victim of abuse.


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Author: nursingethicsnetwork