20 Signs That Prove Your Sensitivity Despite Your Unawareness Of It

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As a nurse, doctor, or even as a lawyer that handles bad car accidents or other gory types of injury cases, there are two extreme ends of the spectrum in developing personality disorders. Exposure to traumatic events on an ongoing basis can lead to humans breaking left or right, to one extreme or another. Some of us may become sensitive, or overly sensitive in a way that does not help us, and can actually harm the doctor/nurse/attorney-client relationship. It is not your fault if you are overly sensitive, and there is nothing wrong with being a sensitive person.

Understanding Intensity of Feelings

It just so happens that you feel things more intensely than other people. The big problem is that you can’t get rid of this sensation even if you try your hardest. Sometimes, people don’t know that they are sensitive, but they are. There are certain signs that could be analyzed in a person to prove his/her sensitivity. Here are those 20 big signs to show that a person is sensitive even if the person is totally unaware of this fact.

It is not your fault if you are overly sensitive, and there is nothing wrong with being a sensitive person. It just so happens that you feel things more intensely than other people. The big problem is that you can’t get rid of this sensation even if you try your hardest. Sometimes, people don’t know that they are sensitive, but they are. There are certain signs that could be analyzed in a person to prove his/her sensitivity. Here are those 20 big signs to show that a person is sensitive even if the person is totally unaware of this fact.

  • You Tell Stories Well

You might feel this way but the truth is that everyone is not good at storytelling, or at least not as good as you. In your case, it is impossible to tell the story in a bad way and while keeping it short because you have felt so much throughout the happenings that you can’t live without telling them. It is in you to tell a daily occurrence in such a way that it would turn into a great movie script if someone had the opportunity of writing everything down exactly the way you were describing.

  • There Must Be Another Sensitive Person In Your Family

Sensitive people are not mostly the only sensitive people in the family. It has been observed that sensitivity trickles from top to bottom. So, if there is a sensitive person in your parents then you will be sensitive too. If you ever feel that your life has become a big pain and you want to share your thoughts about it, you could go to that another sensitive person in your family who will fully understand you.

  • Anxiety And Depression Are Part Of Your Character

According to the doctors dealing with psychology, people who are sensitive have high feelings of anxiety. They get depressed soon because of the things that happened to them in the past. They keep their past experiences in their minds and judge the world around them based on their experiences. Due to their bad experience the final judgment for them about the world is “unsafe”. They are unsafe wherever they are.

  • You Find An Opportunity To Cry

While you try to remain normal in front of the world but you always find that opportunity every once in a while to cry and let your emotions out. Everything you feel around you and all that you have gone through in your past is collecting inside you. You take your time and let those pins out of your body to feel relieved at times. There is nothing wrong with that because it only makes you feel better.

  • You Have The Ability To Feel Anything

For you, there is nothing in the world that has no meaning or emotions behind it. In your world, there is a life behind everything, even a shopping bag dancing in the wind. A line in the book you are reading could be so intense for you that it causes you to burst into tears.

  • You Can Look Into The People

Not everyone in this world is capable of looking into people piercing through the walls of their words and smiles. If someone tells you that they are feeling okay, you won’t believe them unless you are fully satisfied from the looks of that person. If you think that there is some problem with the person talking to you by looking at his/her face, you will never agree to that person’s claim that he/she is fine.

  • Your Politeness Is Beyond Awesome

When you talk to the people for the first time, they leave with an impression of a person who could not be harsh to anyone. You are extremely polite and so nice to the people that they feel comfortable talking to you and expressing their inner feelings. Sometimes, your niceness is not exactly niceness but you don’t like hurting people and so you have to remain polite with them. Your politeness can lead certain people into believing that you are harmless but you keep your feelings hidden inside that could come out if pushed.

  • Your Intuition Beats Experience

People take most of the decisions in their lives based on the lessons they have learned in the past. In your case, your intuition is so powerful that you don’t even have to rely on your experiences to take certain decisions. When something is going to lead you into the wrong direction, it is your gut that tells you so. For most people your decisions won’t even make any sense but you know you are following your intuition.

  • Saying No Is Nearly Impossible For You

You care about the feelings of others so much that you would often sacrifice yours to keep them happy. There are times when you are being pushed into making a promise that you know you might not be able to keep or will have extremely hard time keeping but you still say yes because you don’t want to hurt the other person. This often gets you into trouble because you have to do things that you didn’t necessarily have to do if you had just said no. You would often do things you don’t like just to avoid saying no to the person asking you to do that thing.

  • Your Imagination Is Better Than Most People

People like to visualize the stories they are told but you don’t even have to put any efforts in this task. Your imagination is so amazing that you can easily visualize the story someone is telling you. In the same manner, you dream in a very vivid fashion where the emotional details of your dreams are extreme. People often like to take advice from you because they think they can’t think of all the possible routes a certain situation can take but you can. It is true that you can really think that way.

  • Horror Movies Are Not Your Type

Things that are extreme in nature are not for you. This is why you don’t like horror movies or any movies that have gore in them. It is very easy for you to imagine yourself in the position of the characters of the movie and feel their pain as your pain. At the same time, you are sure that certain images being shown in the movie will stay in your mind forever and you don’t want that. Even if you get a few taunts from people around you for this you don’t care.

  • You Hate Being In Too Much Light

It’s not necessarily a hatred for bright light but more love for dim light that is being talked about here. If you went to a restaurant you would often look for tables in the corner where the light is not as bright as it is in the center. In the same way, you would avoid being in bright light in many other scenarios. You would prefer dim light over bright light any day and you don’t like the idea of having someone right in your face with a torch.

  • You Don’t Fall But Crash In Love

Using the word “fall” for how you feel in love with someone will be quite euphemistic. You don’t fall in love with someone the way others do. Your feelings are intense and you can’t control your emotions. You will get crazily in love with the person and your emotions will be stronger than any other normal person around you. In short words, you will have a big explosion of ecstatic feelings in your life. Due to this great fall in love you will have more hard time coming out of a breakup than it takes for a normal person to come out of it.

  • Criticism Is Too Bitter For You To Take

It is not easy for sensitive people to take criticism. It is often because they are so busy making people happy that criticism comes to them as a shock and they can’t control their reaction when they are criticized. If you are sensitive then you must have spent many hours in your life explaining to yourself how you could take criticism. Sometimes, you do things that are not of your interest just so you could make sure that the other person is happy. This habit of yours makes you feel as though you were an annoyance for many people around you.

  • Subtlety Is Not Subtle For You

People might be great in hiding their feelings and lies in front of others but their tactics would not work against you. You are too good at knowing the subtle changes in situations, expressions of the people and other things. You just know what the person is thinking or about to do based on their body movements, eyes, expressions etc. You would often guess what the other person is about to tell you before they even tell you anything.

  • Your Communication Is Based On Your Vibes

Your communication is probably the most admired thing about your character. It is because you can sense things around you in a way that other people cannot. You would enter a room, look at the person, their expressions and body language and figure out the conversation and atmosphere of it. When you are talking your vibe scanner is working at its peak and as soon as you grasp that the other person is being hurt by your comments or conversation, you would go into another topic that is not hurting for the other person.

  • You Are Not Afraid Of Being Alone

It does not matter to you whether you are traveling or trying to work on a project, you could do things alone. In fact, it does not bother you at all if you have to live alone. When you are doing things you want to be alone because you don’t like the idea of being watched. It could be anything from studying in your house to doing exercise in the gym. In fact, you could lose your productivity if you are not given a separate place to work.

  • You Are A Decoder Of Art

While most people have hard time explaining the art pieces they are looking at, you have none. You can easily get into the depths of the feelings of the artist when he/she painted the art piece. You like art pieces because you can easily connect with them and are moved by them pretty easily. You will admire the creativity of the artist even if you haven’t seen such art before or the art piece in front of you is not something easy for most people to understand.

  • Loud Noise Infuriates You

No one likes loud noise for no reason. If you are in a concert, there is nothing wrong with it. However, if the noise is bothering then your reactions are noteworthy. Other people might only be getting irritated of a particular noise but for you it could be threatening. You would feel like doing something out of the ordinary to shut that noise up. If you can’t do that you will definitely run away from that place. It is highly recommended that you do some research and find out a few ways of dealing with such feelings.

  • You Face A Painful Paradox

People have to go under medical procedures in order to get rid of the pain and certain medical conditions. However, you just can’t digest the idea of going into a procedure that would give you pain. You feel double or more pain than other people and that’s why it is hard for you to go for such medical procedures. On the contrary, the pain you are dealing with is also more painful for you than it is for other people. This is why it becomes unavoidable for you to go for medical procedures.

Being sensitive is not a bad thing. As shown above, empathy and compassion is a good thing. But as a care-taker, it is easy to lose yourself to one extreme or another. These above discussed traits and characteristics will at least give you an opportunity to gauge your personality and that of your companions.

Author: nursingethicsnetwork